Who wouldn’t want a FREE brand new Mercedes to take home. Win the Wheels has been a staple of IRCE for several years and certainly is a popular attraction for many. The car of course is paid for by sponsors who hope to attract leads to their booth, which is exactly what will happen and what you must plan for.

Nothing more frustrating when you are having a meaningful conversation with a prospect who is genuinely interested in your solution and a “lead” is lingering looking for the stamp. Damned if you ignore them and let them wait, damned if you interrupt your conversation.

Here are some tips to make sure you have a successful IRCE show and Win the wheels sponsorship.

  1. If your objective is branding, then just make the stamp readily available, let folks self serve so you can focus on quality conversations
  2. If lead acquisition is your goal, then have a dedicated Win the Wheels resources standing but at all times with a lead scanner
  3. There will be a mad rush on the last hour of the last day for stamps, make sure you are ready for it.
  4. Do not schedule any meetings of prospect conversations during breaks and especially during the last two hours before the draw, if that period is the only time for a meeting, find an alternate location

Have you sponsored Win the wheels before? What was it like? What is your Marketing and Sales strategy for IRCE?

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